Every member of Pi Beta Phi exemplifies each of our seven core values.

We use a fun saying "I Love Having Pi Phi Sisters"  to help us recite them!

Our values are:

- Integrity

- Lifelong Commitment

- Honor & Respect

- Personal & Intellectual Growth

- Philanthropic Service to Others

- Sincere Friendship


Continue reading below to hear what these values mean to our sisters!


"Integrity has always been a value that I’ve felt to be true within our chapter here at Pi Beta Phi. Within all of my friendships here, there is a strong sense of trust, honesty, and respect between each and every one of us. I feel as if I can truly be open and honest with each one of my sisters as much as I know that they are open and honest with me. Each and every one women in the chapter stays true to their own self and identity which is truly a quality I love and appreciate. Integrity is all about being honest and respectable not only to one's self but to others, and my sisters showcase these qualities every day."


- Lielle Morr, MC '21


"Lifelong Commitment is a core value that I have been able to see even before my time as a member. My mom, Emily, was a member of the Minnesota Alpha chapter in college. She was very involved and met many of her best friends through Pi Phi, many of whom she is still in touch with decades later. My godmother, Bettina, was also a member of Pi Phi where she and my mom became best friends. The two of them are kind, hardworking, uplifting women who have set an excellent example for me. Knowing that this sisterhood extends beyond these 4 years makes me grateful to be apart of something so special."


- Ava Schmid, MC '22


"I’ve always thought of honor and respect as going beyond yourself. It’s about reaching a deeper understanding of the people around you and building stronger relationships on this foundation. In Pi Phi, I am surrounded by women who always act with probity and taught me to embody these values in every aspect of my life. Through our values we strive to acknowledge, appreciate, and care for others and our own. "


- Emma Beqaj, MC '22


"Personal and Intellectual Growth is the Pi Phi core value that I strive to actualize and bring into my everyday life. While I came into college academically focused, becoming a part of this sisterhood has fostered relationships, conversations, and an inner confidence that has pushed me to grow as a student and as a leader. Pi Beta Phi and the women within it exemplify a growth mindset; no task or goal is intangible with the right amount of work and positive thinking. Outside of Pi Beta Phi, I advocate for academic research opportunities for undergraduate students, which aids in their intellectual growth and the discovery of personal interests. Without the support and leadership skills of this chapter, I would not be able to support the professional growth of myself or other students on UF’s campus."


- Makenna Myrick, MC '21


"Philanthropic service is very near and dear to my heart. Pi Phi's philanthropy, Read, Lead, Achieve is extra special to me since I get hands-on experience with helping children. Not only does this align with my career goals, but it is so fun and a great way for me to bond with my sisters. It means so much to me that I am surrounded by other servant leaders who inspire me to better the community through Pi Phi and as an individual."


- Rylee Perrault, MC '22


"Although we keep all of our values close to our heart, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that sincere friendship is our most cherished value. Our sisters push each other to be the best they can be while creating an open space to be celebrated for our individuality. No matter if it is a question about academics or needing a ride somewhere, these girls are always down to selflessly help each other. I know I can walk into the house and feel seen, heard, and loved at any moment. I have found sincere friendship throughout all of Pi Phi, but my first bond was with my big. She mentored me and helped me grow into the woman I am today, and I strive to do the same for my twins! Our strong respect and love for one another exemplifies what it means to have sincere friendship, and I'm certain that the connections we have made will follow us after our time in college."


- Juliann Carpenter, MC '21